The next instruccion are a translate of Felicidad Pattern.

It was made by andreafromtoronto.

Thanks Andrea 🙂


This pattern is for a shoulder circ. of 90 cm aprox. For a bigger size just add more sts. And you can make it longer if you want but don’t make it too long, it won’t be comfortable when you move.

Felicidad / Happiness pattern


4 skeins of 100 grs each (worsted)

Circular needles 5.0 mm (40 cm) and 6.0 mm ( 120 cm)

Tapestry needle

Stitch holder

Stitch marker



p: st -s

pd: knit-k

pr: purl-p

ppat:sts in the pattern

inc 1:increase 1

h:put the yarn over the right needle-yo

2pdj: knit 2tog

1a3p: from one st get 3 sts (k one st, and keep it in the left needle,put the yarn over the right needle, k 1 st over the same st and pass it over to the right needle )And you are going to knit the 3 sts the next row, so u inc 2 sts.



This poncho is knitted from top to bottom, working the shoulders like a normal ranglan.

For the collar you can do a provisional cast on putting the sts on a stitch holder or leave them like you were going to keep knitting them.The difference is that is more complicated leaving the sts on a st holder because you have to sew them later, but this way its more stretchable.

If you want to do prov cast on , knit two rows of k1 p1 then keep knitting in stockinet st

CO 60 sts, place a marker and join in a round. Be careful to don’t twist the sts.

Knit 10 rows, 2k , 2p

Next row, place marker to work the inc for the ranglan like this

The beginning of work where we put the first st marker, will be our first mark, after 6 sts place the second marker, after 30 sts place another marker, after 6 sts another marker. 4 markers in total.

The 2 sets of 6 sts are the shoulders , and the 24 sts in between ,the front and the back.

The inc in the rows are as follow

1- 1k, inc1, 5k, inc1, 6k, 12ppat, 6k, 1k, inc1, 5k, inc1, 24k

2- knit all

This will inc 4 sts on each row

Repeat 1 and 2, 16 times (total of124 sts)

Next will be make the neck for the baby like this

1k, inc1, 5k, inc1, 6k, 12ppat, 6k, 1k, inc1, 5k, inc1, 5k, place 16 sts in a st holder and add 16 new sts, 5k.

– knit all- Total 124 sts in needles, 16 sts in a st holder

This way, we have a hole for the neck and we can keep knitting in a round the body of the poncho

Next, knit 4 rows where we are going to inc. like this

– 1k,, inc1, 5k, inc1, 6k, 12ppat,6k, 1k, inc1, 5k, inc1, 5k, 1a3p, 2k, 1a3p, 2k, 1a3p, 2k, 1a3p, 2k, 1a3p, 2k, 1a3p, 5k.

-knit all sts. Total: 140 sts

-1k, inc1, 5k, inc1, 6k, 12ppat, 6k, 1k, inc1, 5k, inc1, 6k, 1a3p, 4k, 1a3p, 4k, 1a3p, 4k, 1a3p, 4k, 1a3p, 4k, 1a3p, 6k.

– knit all sts Total: 156 sts

– 1k, inc1, 5k, inc1, 6k, 12ppat, 6k, 1k, inc1, 5k, inc1, 7k, 1a3p, 6k, 1a3p, 6k, 1a3p, 6k, 1a3p, 6k, 1a3p, 6k, 1a3p, 7k.

-knit all sts Total: 172 sts

Knit 3 more rows of regular inc.knitting all sts between the markers where before we increased for the baby hole. Be careful, after each row of increasing , knit the next row

Total :184 sts

Cont in round’till desired length.


1-*k1, p1* repeat till the end

2-* p1, k1* repeat till the end

Repeat 1 and 2, 3 times

-*k2tog,yo,k2tog, yo*, repeat till the end

– knit all sts

BO all sts



The central pattern is just a simple cable.You can leave the central pattern if you don’t want it and knit 12 sts instead

The cable, its with the 8 sts in the opposite area of the neck hole. And you can include any motif you like

At this time im not going to write the central pattern that I followed, but I hope to write it soon. (this is a note from the author not mine –Andrea)

So, central pattern as you want

Felicidad / Happiness pattern


When you BO the body of the poncho, with smaller circular needles, put the 16 sts that we had in a st holder (this is the neck for the baby

Whit the same needles add 16 more sts that we inc on the poncho’s body.

These 32 sts are going to be knitted in the round like this

1- * 2p, 2k*. Repeat till the end

Repeat 1 , 8 more rows

– * 1k, 1 p *. Repeat till the end

– * 1p, 1k*. Repeat till the end

BO 32 sts

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